Manuscript advice

Structural or story advice on a full or partial manuscript, including aspects of plot and pacing, character development, style and themes, and general cohesion.

Writing and content strategy

For corporate and individual clients: creative, considered and clean content solutions for websites, social media and publications.

Copyediting and proofreading

For publishers and business clients: a thorough copyedit or proofread, adhering to house style and with a deep understanding of choices related to the voice and rhythm of a text.

Coaching and consulting

Coaching on aspects of creative writing craft. Guidance on the publishing process, from submitting to agents and publishers to setting up social media profiles.

Other services

Get in touch if you have any other needs for your manuscript or business.

You might also like to check out my online courses.

I offer free partial manuscript assessments to Australian and New Zealand-based BIPOC folks, as time allows. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Angela Meyer is a joy to work with. Every time I have worked with her, she has understood what I was trying to do immediately. Working with her has strengthened my fiction writing skills, but also my self-confidence. I always feel like I'm in good hands with Angela.
    —Alison Evans
  • "Angela has a deep, intuitive feel for narrative backed up by brilliant technical skills and the ability to communicate editorial suggestions in a sensitive yet forthright manner. She is among the best editors I have ever worked with."
    —S.A. Jones
  • "My experience working with Angela Meyer was uniformly excellent. Her approach to plot and story is open-minded, collegial and expert. The feedback she provided is the stuff all writers want: firm, provocative and helpful. Which is all a fancy way of saying, she is almost always right."
    —Iain Ryan
  • "I have worked with Angela on two books, and she left each of them significantly better than she found them. She cares as much about the books she works on as the author does. She has an extraordinary eye for structure and plot, and a forensic approach to character development. Her feedback is always detailed and insightful, and gives authors concrete guidance on how to plug any story or character holes. I really, really hope I get to work with Angela again."
    —Meg Keneally
  • “Angela’s unerring instinct for story makes her one of the best editors around. In particular, her skills in character development and its relationship to plot are outstanding. Having had the pleasure of working with Angela on three novels, I can attest to her high level of professionalism and easy manner.”
    —Emma Viskic